Championship Basketball School

Our camp began in 1975, and has continued uninterrupted for 45 consecutive years at the Mass. Maritime Academy. During this period, we have conducted over 100 weeks of camps for boy and girl players.
We believe our camp has succeeded due to the following reasons: great facilities, a proven program, exceptional lectures, and, most importantly, a totally dedicated and experienced staff consisting of highly successful high school and college coaches. Our staffs have included over dozens of coaches who have won Massachusetts state and sectional titles, along with numerous league titles.

We named our camp "Championship Basketball School", since we believe we attempt to "teach" the game of the basketball. Our basic goal is to teach the fundamentals of the game to improve skills, and we devote a large portion of our program to the development of these skills: ball-handling, dribbling, passing, offensive moves, and both individual and team defense.
We believe we are successful in achieving these goals due to the experience and teaching abilities of our dedicated, enthusiastic, and loyal staff of coaches.