Championship Basketball School is celebrating its 46th year of providing athletes of all ages with techniques and improvement in mastering their skills.  It is one of the oldest basketball camps in the country and is still thriving greatly. Many outstanding female and male athletes have attended the school, both players and coaches.  The greatest coaches and trainers from around New England have worked at this camp and have provided our players with a great education of the sport that they love, and still continue to do so to this day.  At the end of the week, all players leave the camp with improvement in all areas.  An over view of the camp is shown below.

1-Lectures and games each day

2-Lectures and drills geared to age groups

3-Grouping by age and ability

4-All-you-can-eat meals in the attractive Mass Maritime Cafeteria

5-Contest, trophies, and awards

6-Olympic-size swimming pool

7-Professional trainers and coaches on duty 24 hours a day

8-Evaluations for each player

9-Individual instruction and team concepts emphasized

​10-Free camp jersey

Championship Basketball School